11th July 2011 – Not only being the largest state in Malaysia, Sarawak could also be the state that has the most natural reserve cave which will definitely satisfy many caving adventurers. Though I am not much of a cave enthusiast but pretty much curious in the two small cave that are within an hour (45km) driving distance from Kuching. That two cave would be the Wind Cave & Fairy Cave which is located near the town of Bau.

Traveler’s trail guide for Wind Cave

If you were expecting Wind Cave to be lit with lights, then you are wrong. It’s pitch black inside the cave. Bring your own flashlight, alternatively you can rent them at the reception for RM3 (which is pretty costly). Entrance to the cave will cost you RM 3 as well (it close after 4:30pm). The walk trail would probably last you about 30 minutes and there isn’t much you can photograph unless you’re doing light painting inside the cave itself. Venturing inside Wind Cave is like a walk at the park as the walk path was well maintained and it was windy as the name suggest.

View from Wind Cave entrance towards the jungle tracks

Light leak in Wind Cave

Details of Wind Cave’s wall texture

Wind Cave last exit or 4th entrance

That’s it for Wind Cave and next would be travelling to the Fairy Cave. The distance between both cave is roughly 15 minutes away, although we actually drove the wrong way due to GPS error which cause us plenty of delays. If you happen to have directed to return back to Kuching town, re-check your GPS!

Fairy Cave entrance, the 4 floor steps

The entrance to Fairy Cave

There is no entrance fee to Fairy Cave, and that means the entrance to the cave is free. The 4 floor steps might be tiresome but the actual tough part is in there when the steps are wet and it’s pitch black for the first few minutes within the cave. Once you pass the first staircase in the dark, you wouldn’t need any flashlight in there as it’s brightly lit in broad daylight.

Light shinning it’s way into the cave

The overall view of the cave

Similar to Wind Cave, caving in Fairy Cave is pretty cooling as well. There is cool breeze blowing in and out of the cave which makes it an enjoyable experience. However, it’s pretty dangerous as wrong step can be fatal due to insufficient railings on slopes. So be careful and stay alert when caving here.