Been to Kuala Kubu Bahru for White Water Rafting which was arranged by the KSC Splash Club@Shell and it was quite a blast. My first time trying out the sport after couple of time trying to arrange events by myself which failed due to lack of participants. Definitely I am not regretting paying for joining this event!

The day started when we gather at Jusco, Equine Park in the morning. We are suppose to gather at the rendezvous point at 7:30am. However, the gather does not bode well as planned. I reached by 7:15am, the whole Jusco carpart entrance way was blocked and I had to park my car at Shell Autoserve just across the road. No sign of the organizer (Chee Wan and Joyce) at 7:25am. Yew Kit arrived and this what he says.

Yew Kit : Chee Wan not here, I’m hungry… let’s grab something to eat.
Me : It’s 5 minutes before 7:30am
Yew Kit : Screw Chee Wan, I’m hungry… he’s not here yet. Must have breakfast first.
Me : … ok

Then we head to Ming Chu (a coffeeshop at Equine Park) and had our breakfast. Couple of minutes later, Cindy joined us. Couple of minutes later, Chee Wan called Yew Kit and asking us of our whereabout. After dilly dallying for about 15 minutes, we finally started our journey to KKB. Non of us are driving as we had Lokman driving alone, and we hitch a ride with him. The drive to KKB was about an hour, we arrive at KKB Post Office and met Jason and Yoo for our preliminary briefing before we head for the site.

Just to cut short the whole story, we had further briefing on rafting commands, safety rules and etc before we jump into the raft and start our venture to challenge Sungai Selangor. The boat I was in, is with Cindy, Yew Kit, Edward, Danny, Lokman, Shukri (Guide), and Yoo (Guide/Instructor). It was kinda awesome as well when it starts to rain before we start our rafting. Rather than having a calm river, we had a little rough one. To prove how rough it is, on our first rapid… the 1st Canyon, Yew Kit fell off the raft and rescue was needed. Thankfully he was alright, but on the rest of the journey, let’s just say he got a little too excited when he saw a rapid (whereby he immediately sat into the boat for safety).

The rest of the journey, we went on smoothly on all the rapids and sometimes we confused ourselves with left and right… no capsize happened to us though. Darn, wasn’t having much fun as those who had capsized, probably the team I’m in is too good? 😛 Right when we reached the Broken Nose, and upon challenging the Pregnant Rock… two guys fell this time. No, not Yew Kit.. he can’t possible fall since he’s been taking full precaution before instructions are given by Yoo. This time is Shukri and Edward fell in. Hehe… two experience rafter fell, guess this proves how rough the river is. Our rafting ends after we had our body rafting events and upon reaching the river close to Kem Bina Semangat.

T’was fun, too much things that happens which cannot be express by words aren’t written here. If there is another event, I would probably sign up for rafting again. Can’t post any pictures of the event since I wasn’t carrying any camera. I need to get Joyce to give me the pictures she took then I’ll post it up, to share how much fun we had in getting ourselves wet.

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