13th September 2008 – Went on a photo shooting with my former colleagues from Entellium. To be more precise, one of them still with Entellium and the other two are former Entellium staff. The photo shoot outing was organized by Kenneth and the shoot starts at 11am till 2pm as per planned.

Getting there was a little tough as I had never been to Butterfly Park before despite that I have been staying in the city for 27 years. I have to admit, it’s a shame… anyhow, I manage to get to Lake Garden thanks to my Asus P320 GPS capability, I found the way to the Butterfly Park without getting myself lost. Technology Rocks!

After everyone arrived, we head for the reception counter and pay for our tickets. To our surprise, we were informed that Tripods are not allowed in the park. WTF!? Ok, that’s acceptable though and then we were told that tickets are cost RM 8 for an adult.. that’s another WTF!? All of us read online that the ticket was priced at RM 4 for an adult. On top of that, since we’re carrying cameras… we are charged extra RM 1 per person for bringing our equipment in, and that’s if you’re bringing video camera, you’re charged extra RM 4 instead. Hmm… what would Nikon D90 falls under? It’s both camera and video camera, charged at RM 4 + RM 1 = RM 5???

After we made our ticket purchase, we head into the park behind the reception counter and start our photo shoot. This is the first time I shoot bugs and to be frank, it wasn’t easy. Butterfly seldom rest on the branches, and if they did rest on the branch, they move a lot! Whenever I spotted a butterfly resting with minimal movement, I had to crept slowly towards it and point my DSLR at them then aim. Aiming part was hard without a proper macro lens, but thankfully that the Kit-lens comes with the Sony Alpha DSLR was good enough to do the job.

After 3 grueling hours of taking pictures, we call it a day. It was well worth the time and photo shooting experience. Here’s some of the picture taken.

Oh, did I mentioned I created an account in Flickr? Do view the rest of the pictures taken at my Flickr Photostream, I found the quality of the photo uploaded is much better than of Pisaca Web.