10th July 2011 – This is my second day travel for this year Kuching trip, I had followed the guys with Damien (Prakash’s buddy) on a photography outing for Sunset. Although I personally prefer to make haste to the Borneo Rainforest World Music Festival 2011 at this hour but with the rest of the guys wanted to visit the place, thus I followed them.

Nothing but shoots

There isn’t much to shoot or perhaps there isn’t anything that is of interest to me at the muddy beach of Kampung Pasir Putih. Nothing there but mud, shoots, dead trees, hermit crabs, shells and the ocean. I wouldn’t highly recommend this place as shooting spot unless you’re solely came for the sunset when the sky is clear.

Empty shells on rock

Middle of nowhere, really there’s nothing here

A tired Hermit Crab after being toppled many times, poor fella…

Sunset at Kampung Pasir Puteh

The evening isn’t rewarding enough as the sky was hazy, and the sun didn’t show it’s golden hour. I even had itches over my legs due to bites from Sandfly. Perhaps the only thing I enjoyed was toppling the hermit crab to shoot while it tries to get back on it’s feet. Yeah, I know… it’s evil 🙂