7th February 2009 – I made a short climb to Broga Hill with my colleagues. Broga Hill, located at the Town of Broga, just south of Semenyih and not far from the University of Nottingham.

My journey to the town of Broga starts at 5:20am, and my starting point is at McDonalds, Equine Park which is the meet up point with the others. The drive from Equine Park to Semenyih and town of Broga took roughly 30 minutes.

To reach the hill from Semenyih, drive all the way south till the Broga Junction which can be identified at a Junction which points Broga to the left and there’s a Petronas Petrol Station on the right. After turning left at the junction, go on straight and pass by the University of Nottingham which is on your left. Go on till you reach the Rabbit Farm (i think), on your right and there’s palm oil plantation on the left. Park your vehicle at the palm oil plantation and that’s your starting point for the climb.

The climb from the plantation to the hill would take an estimated 30 minutes, however I spent more than 30 minutes time due to wrong track in the midst of my climb. Yet, I manage to catch the sunrise in time.

[ sunrise at Broga Hill ]

[ sunrise at Broga Hill ]

[ group photo ]

It was not an easy climb and the track is quite dangerous as there’s isn’t much rope for you to grab on if wrong steps are taken. Here are the items which is a must have when climbing the hill.

  • A torch light, a good one
  • Trekking shoes, some tracks are very slippery
  • Long pants as the grasses are high (protect your legs)
  • Some food and water
  • etc.

Broga Hill is indeed a bald hill and tends to get very hot when the sun is up. Since it is bald, it is not shaded and it’s advisable to go down early as well. We started to descend around 9:30am and head to the nearest coffee shop at the town of Broga to have our brunch.

[ a silhouette at Broga Hill ]

The trip is worth it and it doesn’t cost you a single cent to climb the hill. What you’re paying is just your own food and transportation. My opinion, with a driving distance of just 30 – 45 minutes from the city, it’s definitely worth the time to explore if you haven’t.

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