Today is my day off. This leave application was actually allocated for my examination on Designing Microsoft SQL 2005 solution, but somehow I wasn’t able to book a place and hence it’s a waste. However, thanks to Andrew whom had invited me to be part of his street photography gang just to learn and understand more about our gears by shooting at the streets of Kuala Lumpur, so it wasn’t a waste after all.

Our photography session starts at Low Yat whereby we (me and Andrew) were to rendezvous with Andrew’s friend, Yip. Yip is also another proud owner of Sony Alpha 200 whom just purchase the unit 6 days ago. By the time we meet up, it was already lunch hour, thus we took our lunch at Old Town Kopitiam. Here’s a test shot after soothing my brain with white coffee.

[ Ice Milk Tea ]

After we had our lunch, we headed off to Pavilion by foot from Low Yat. Here’s another shot just in front of Maybank opposite of Lot 10. There’s a leaning traffic light which is hazardous to traffickers.

[ leaning Traffic Light ]

[ Andrew and Yip ]

[ our first destination ]

[ Planet Hollywood! ]

[ Pavilion! It’s my first time being here ]

[ ads, ads, and ads… ]

I begin my gear armed with SAL1870 zoom lens, got bored with it after a couple of clicks; switched to SAL55200 zoom lens for attempting a better/obvious effect on Out of Focus shots.

[ first attempt for Out of Focus shot ]

[ this time I got it right ]

[ zoom lens is awesome! ]

[ it was windy, yet able to capture details ]

[ another bokeh shot ]

[ The back side of Pavilion ]

There’s basically nothing to shoot at Pavilion and we circle around Pavilion to this spot (above picture) and I don’t have the chance to take much photos within this vicinity. Had to post for the other two guys to take picture, I’m wonder how I look, must be horrible… anyhow, there’s a small greenery here and spot focus shot seems to work pretty well.

[ no idea what plant is this ]

[ don’t know this plant ]

[ still got no idea ]

[ i’m not a botanic kinda person ]

[ err… ]

[ finally a plant i know! Hibiscus! ]

[ hmmm… Red Box ]

From Pavilion, we ran out of ideas of scene to shoot and we opt to walk further down to KLCC to take some photos at the park. So, we walked… at that time, I wonder if I survive the journey, it’s been quite sometime I walk that distance.

[ Sony DRO doesn’t work on manual mode ]

[ we’re nearby orange pub ]

[ we’re at HLA Tower, almost to KLCC! ]

[ HLA Tower ]

[ more flowers i don’t know ]

[ real bad in botany knowledge ]

[ duh… ]

[ finally we reach KL Convention Centre! a little more ]

After an hour walk, which mainly contributed from our stop for taking weird photos of our surrounding. We took a rest at A&W, and later visited Sony Style to check things out. When we reach the KLCC Park, it was about to rain… we quickly took our D-SLR out and take pictures before it really started to rain.

[ Maxis Tower ]

[ KLCC Park ]

[ this is the best thing about Live View ]

[ the three towers ]

That ends of our street photography journey when it started to rain. Took the cab back to Sungei Wang and check on the Sony HVL-F56AM flash unit at Boeing, it cost RM 1200 and it’s a pretty good deal! But too bad they ran out of stock. I guess I just have to wait till they replenish the stock, at that same time I would probably get another spare battery for my Alpha unit.

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