16th May 2008 – This has been my biggest expense and my very first D-SLR. In just two months I got myself two camera, my very first camera is the Canon Ixus 960IS and now a Sony D-SLR Alpha 300. This is a question many asked me, why didn’t I just go for a D-SLR straight away, and why Sony Alpha instead of Nikon or Canon? I will not do fanboyism, that’s just personal preferences; also it was Andrew whom has partially poisoned me into researching more on Sony D-SLR, otherwise I would have stick with Pentax D-SLR.

In fact, I myself would prefer to jump into D-SLR straight away, skipping my purchase on Canon Ixus 960IS. However, a compact Digital Camera can be quite handy and I’m quite happy having it by my side all the time. I just can’t miss those moments, no matter how small it is (if I had the chance to snap it). Besides, a compact camera allows me to go venture into small underwater or wet photography as well 😛

Here’s my haul of the month / year!

[ quite a big box ]

[ content of the box ]

[ body with DT 18-70mm lens ]

[ it’s a Sony ]

[ cables and such ]

I had been playing with my new toy all night and been reading the manuals. It’s tiring and difficult to understand the many jargons of D-SLR world. Guess I have to get a master to learn from. Good thing that Sony provides free workshop for their customer, and I just registered myself as a MySony Member 😀