11th October 2009 – A day after the Canon Photo Marathon Malaysia 2009 outing, here I am participating the second photography challenge organized by Sony Malaysia. The venue is none other place than Melaka Zoo. My setup for this outing is a basic Sony Alpha 300 and SAL18250 Travel Lens. The challenge briefing starts at 12:00pm.

The one thing I learn in taking pictures of the Zoo animals, is to start early. The reason is due to the animal most active by the hour. Never wait till noon as the animal is fed, and when the weather is hot, the animals will start sleeping for couple of hours. You’ll never be able to capture good shots of animals like the Tiger, Lion, Panther, and etc except a picture of them sleeping.

After all the sweaty hours trying to get a good exposure under the hot sun, the challenge came to an end roughly at 4:00pm. While I have more pictures to process, here are my few random shots taken at the zoo.

Parrot having a snack

Panther Yawning

Malayan Tiger Chilling

Blue Wildebeest Charging Towards!

Attempted to trying something different rather than portrait of an animal, I submitted the Charging Blue Wildebeest as my challenge submission. I didn’t to win 🙁