13th December 2008 – It’s my first to join the Alpha Photography outing organized by Sony. I was fatigue yet excited for the group trip. Woke up at 6:00am to decide which gear I should bring along and finally decided to bring the following items for this outing:-

  • Alpha 300 (it’s a must)
  • Konica Minolta 28-75mm f2.8
  • Minolta 50mm f1.7
  • F42 Flash Gun
  • Flimsy Tripod

Travel to Mid-Valley via KTM starting at 7:10am and I reached Mid-Valley roughly 7:40am. Not so bad for commuting early via KTM. To my surprise, everyone seems to be reached at the destination point including those whom are in the waiting list. One of the waiting list participant was lucky enough go get in. Probably these people had too much time to hope for a chance to hop in to the outing. Had to respect them for that enthusiasm though!

The journey to Janda Baik took about an hour and our photography outing event held specifically at Pak Habib’s Garden. Pak Habib’s Garden was not too small and yet not too big. It’s just nice. However there is not much things to of interest to me.

Seriously, this is the first photography outing that I took very little photos. I only manage to take 60 pictures and most of them doesn’t turn out good. Was trying to find the lighting contrast which Wong advised, the Wong from Creative Publication as well as my instructor for the day. Since he spoke to me in Mandarin, it makes it more difficult for me to digest what he’s trying to relay to me.

However, I learn some new photography concept thanks to my instructor and the 80 photos review after the shooting competition, I learn more. This outing is indeed a fruitful one despite not having enough exposure on my CF Card. I submitted two photos and I didn’t win 🙁

The outing ends at 4:00pm and we reached Mid-Valley at 5:00pm. Conclusion… it’s one great outing. Here’s some of the pics I selected for flickr.

[ submitted this one ]

[ it’s 40% crop, i need a macro lens ]

[ i like the reflection on this one ]

[ interesting bonsai plant ]