21st May 2011 – A sunset shoot with CJ and Seng Liang. The weather was not a pleasant one due to polluted skies in recent days, particularly it was overcast in Puchong. Nevertheless, started the journey and arrive by the lake approximately 6:30pm. In actual fact, it was not a natural lake but an abandon tin mining pond. There is nothing to be seen except for dead trees in the middle of the man made lake with sun setting as it’s backdrop.

Dead trees with sunset backdrop

The lake was not really clean as I had to move some trash like paper cups to make the pics a little more favorable to the eye. There is not much option for composition as nothing of interest in vicinity but dead trees. Probably it’s due to the location I am standing at.

My favorite shot of the day

All the shots are done with Sony Alpha 580, Konica Minolta 17-35 f/2.8-4.0, Lightcraft Workshop ND500 Filter, and Cokin GND8 Slot in filter. Also, all shots are mounted on Manfrotto PROB190X tripod.

Last shot of the day

I would probably consider to come again when the weather is much better with different location point for shoot. Then again, it’s not a natural lake…