I’ve started Project 365 couple of days ago which introduced by Andrew to actually force us to push ourselves in taking picture every single day. It is to challenge our composition technique as well as improving our photography skills.

This photo diary sort of concept does work but it was tough… real tough work. With each exposure I took for now, it would get tougher as days goes by. I cannot forgive myself for taking the same picture every time. It’s indeed a tough project to carry on.

A day can pass-by easily without having any chance to take out your camera for a quick snap. I can only snap acceptable quality of photos using my Sony Alpha 300 for now as I passed/gave my Canon Ixus 950IS to my younger sibling and I am left with my camera phone which gave poor picture quality which that is not acceptable even to myself.

[ upcoming reunion project ]

Due to loads of works, mini projects, personal reasons and this project 365. I’m shall be putting this blog on hold (not permanently, but do expect very slow update) till I got the extra time to catch my breath for blogging again. Yet, do wish me luck on my Project 365 and do drop by to check out the daily things I do on my own Project 365. Oh yeah, why don’t you join this Project as well? The more who join in this conceptual project, the better it is. Trust me, it would be fun! 🙂

P/S: Check out my flickr and my Project 365 set at flickr as well.