Today marks the final day of my age number 28th year. I taken a day of from work to rejuvenate myself due to hectic work cycle ever since I wore the brand HP. A few additional days off will probably help in recollecting my strength and enthusiasm in continue what I am currently doing now at work.

Time Bomb?

This shot was taken at a local Chinese restaurant in Kepong while having mix rice for lunch. The clock was not an interesting object to the owner, but to the eyes of certain individual… it brings attention. When I first saw this clock, I thought it looks like a Time Bomb. It reminds me of the random objects I shoot while on the street.

It’s been more than two years I got myself a D-SLR. Remembering back in those days, both me and Andrew running around the streets with our gear conceiving exposures trying to improve our composition techniques. Andrew was much more experience photographer back then and I was a newbie. Now he’s a Professional and has been venturing and providing services in Weddings & Portraits Photography for about a year now. Time flies…

Come to think of it, I have not been taking much picture of late. Hope on my first day of Twenty Nine onwards, I would have more opportunity to take more picture and write more as well.