10th July 2008 – It’s my first time ever landed on Kuching, Sarawak. The trip was slightly difficult for me to travel without knowing the place of interest as there hasn’t been any or no information given about the City of Kuching from my friends, families and colleagues. Even when I inquire my friends about the place; the common reply I get is “What’s so interesting about Kuching?”, it’s interesting that I got my question reply with a question. Well guys, that’s really helpful… thanks a lot and I’ll search the web myself. We (me and Ka Koy) somehow manage to find some information about Kuching to jump start our travel plans and turns out somewhat great; It could have been better though.

Lesson learned on the day itself, double check your hotel booking even though you holiday package bookings via AirAsia website. My experiences: I paid my hotel bookings via the AirAsia GoHoliday bookings, and Grand Continental Hotel did not received any reservations on my room bookings from AirAsia (AirAsia screw up big time). I waited for an hour for the Hotel staff to contact AirAsia on my reservations and there has not been any respond from AirAsia. Good thing that we met the Manager of the hotel, and he gave us a room (luckily there are available rooms); due to his previous experience with other customers’ AirAsia GoHoliday package screwed up. Not much time wasted thanks to this guy. Although I’ve booked a Deluxe Room but given a Superior Room, I guess I had no choice but to accept it rather than sleeping on the streets!

After checking in, left our bags and change our clothes; it was 4:00pm, we quickly mobilize with our plans. First stop… The Great Cat Statue and The Statue of Cats, there’s quit a lot of cat statues around Kuching as expected, and it’s quite sad that some of the place we wanted to visit were under maintenance work.

[ the cat is huge! ]

[ you don’t pet the cat, the cat pet you instead ]

[ one of the streets in Kuching ]

[ more cats ]

[ the statue of cats ]

[ the Kuching Waterfront ]

[ Tua Pek Kong Temple, under maintenance ]

[ the Natural History Museum, closed ]

[ posing with a canon ]

[ it’s not comfortable as it seems ]

[ India Street Mall, closed when we’re there ]

[ the Astana, under maintenance work ]

[ sun setting at Kuching Waterfront ]

[ night hours at Kuching Waterfront ]

With limited time given, I am unable to explore the other attactions of Kuching, however it doesn’t really matter as the main reason on why I am here in Kuching is because of the 11th Borneo Rainforest World Music Festival 2008 at Sarawak Cultural Village! Coming up next!