7th December 2008 – Back with some outdoor activities along with my school friends from the 1998 batch. At times, we are known as the Airap. Today, we’re going to Kanching Falls for some trekking activity as well as an opportunity to relaxed with mother nature.

Kanching Falls is a rapid 7 tier vertical fall, in which the water source are from water stream. The location is between Selayang and Rawang, or just at the border of Rawang. The drive to Kanching Falls took about 1/2 hour from Kepong, or precisely Kepong Baru since that’s where we started out journey. It is not difficult to head there and Kanching Falls is just few minutes away from Taman Rimba Komanwel. Probably that would be my next destination 🙂

We gather at Chandra Sekaran’s residence at 8:30am, and as usual… some of us had punctuality issue 🙂 Although I was there before 8:00am, Aaron and Kar Yin as usual was earlier than me to arrive at the meeting spot. We waited till everyone to arrive and start our journey at 9:00am. It was drizzling when we reach Selayang, it made us worry that the rain continue on which would hinder our outing. When we reached Kanching, it was still raining and thankfully after couple of minutes, the rain stopped and we start our journey on waterfall hunting.

We made some stop on several noticeable tier, such as the one with the huge pool, one with very rapid fall, the top most, and a few of those small tier. We climb to the top tier, which I believe it is since there isn’t any trail for us to follow to move forward. The top trail was a mess, garbage around the area which released quite a bad odour. Probably this mess was left by previous campers as there’s a good camping spot here. Since it’s stink, we went back down to the rapid fall which sounds like a better place for us to chill! And we did.

[ walk path to the bottom of the waterfall ]

[ main walk path to the falls ]

[ one of the 7 tier, which has a big pool ]

[ water from the pool slowly drips down to form another tier ]

[ Aaron with super steady hands for a waterfall shot ]

[ first group photo ]

[ pretty huge tree ]

[ this is the most rapid falls I see in Kanching ]

[ my mannequins;) ]

[ is he taking macro shot!? ]

[ lending a helping hand ]

[ more steps ]

[ calm water stream ]

[ whoa!? aggressive termites ]

[ we reached the top ]

[ Hindi movie in the making ]

[ Pam Ong : Help! Leech! ]

[ enjoy the cool water ]

[ KK : what are you looking at? ]

[ looked like a dynamic trio ]

[ Kar Yin didn’t join in the fun ]

[ good bye Kanching ]

[ no, i didn’t feed em’ bananas ]

[ Mahen shows the “Jack up your ass!” fingers ]

[ heading home ]

There’s more at my Facebook Photo Album.