Couple of months ago, I took up Project 365 via Andrew’s recommendation. The learnings I had from Project 365 is to be as disciplined as possible and have your camera with you at all times; preferably have it in your hands and not in your bag. When the camera is not in your hands, interesting things happen around you can just slip away in a flash. It’s not easy.

I have taken up to 86 pictures out of 365 and now decided to quit this project. Nearly a quarter of 365 completed and I quit just like that. It’s a pity but I had other more needful things to do. Besides, lugging a D-SLR all the time seems to be a burden and this project made photo taking a responsibility rather than an interest/hobby. It was fun though.

[ I’m Back ]

Probably I’ll restart the Project 365 by January 1st, 2010 if I bought myself a compact camera such as the Panasonic Lumix LX3 or Sony Cybershot WX1. It’s been a quite some time since the last posting is made. Finally, I broke the hiatus.