This is Microsoft seminar for the day and was attended by more than a thousand of IT Heroes there. Basically, every IT Developers & Professionals are Heroes here.

There has been a contest by Microsoft as well which open to public to share their Heroic stories solving issues using their tools. It wasn’t surprising, the contest held by Microsoft (via their website) on Heroic attempts won by IT Developers. No offense to IT Professionals, this contest simply tell us that IT Developer rules! Haha… No, it’s was not me who won. I wasn’t bothered in telling any of my tales.

[ i started to feel like a Hero 🙂 ]

The event has nothing much to talk about. Keynote speech this year was kinda laid back compare to previous Whitbey launch.

Fast forwarding this: I attended Track 2, it wasn’t much to tell and there are off topic sessions. Hey, it was a track about Visual Studio and why does William Lim (Director from Dell) here giving a speech about their blade servers and EqualLogic storage technologies?! As for the other presenters, had not much comments but they are on the correct track.

Coincidental enough, met several Kepongites at the event in which I had not seen them for quite a while. It was a short catch up on what & how we had been doing, and sad enough to say… only one of them are IT Developer.