The season of Formula 1 has started today, the qualifying today wasn’t really entertaining, Raikonnen as at the back of the pack, Honda… not doing good, and etc. I guess it wouldn’t make much difference yet since it’s just start of the season.

After the live qualifying race, went to PWTC… not for the MATTA Fair but for Fotofest organized by Fotokem. Wasn’t really interested into visiting PWTC, as I wasn’t fond of the area. Since Black Howling told me that there’s good bargain, I had to make an exception. Oh, and KTM service was bad today; I had waited 50 minutes for a train from Kepong station to Putra station.

Fotofest is a Fotokem’s campaign in promoting their Smile n’ Save Fotobuk application and economy printing. Fotokem’s campaign is to sell their cameras and then give their customers vouchers/coupons for printing at a discounted rate. Fotobuk allows you to create photo album by dragging your jpeg photos to the application album template. To know more and try out the application, you will need to go to any of the Fotokem outlet.

Visiting the fair, at least it allows me to do my DSLR budgeting. It seems that the DSLR I am aiming for is out of my budget. Pentax K10D was quite costly for an old model and to think that I am looking at Pentax K200D! Darn… budget overshoot! Hence, I had to drop the plan of getting DSLR temporarily, and at the same time…

I was tempted with Canon Ixus 950IS which selling at RM 899 (comes with 2GB SD Card, Ixus Original Case, Original Metal Strap, and etc). The offer was tempting and I bought it. It will have to do till I sort out my budget for a DSLR, since I do not have any camera at hand. Besides, having a spare camera might be good.