30th November 2010 – Finally I ended my long streak of 4 years 5 months working in the same firm, and today is my last day. It’s been a roller-coaster ride from being a staff of one of the best employer (in Malaysia) back in July 2006; 2 years later… was transitioned to a Global IT company and then being acquired by another large Global IT Company within the same year itself.

Custom Made Card and Masterpiece Grimlock as Farewell Gift

It has been fun experience working in multiple huge Multi-National Company under the same umbrella with many great colleagues. Although it feels hard to leave after being accustomed with the culture and people here, but I know I need to move to continue crafting my own future. Truly looking forward to this new challenge and start a new phase of my career.

It’s been quite a while I bought myself a Toy Collectible, and this Masterpiece Grimlock is my first after more than 3 years. Thank you guys and gals for the Otaku gift:) Rawr!