28th October 2007 – Day 3 of Away Day. Woke up and feeling itch all over my back, look into the mirror and wow! I looked like some diseased animal without my T-Shirt on. Right now, I’m turning back to normal, must be all the mixture of alcohol I had none stop for 2 nights. Though tiring it is, I need to checkout by 10am and it’s already 8am. As usual, my two Getronics roommates still sound asleep.

Went out and called Anthony, expected… he hasn’t awake yet, so as Daniel and Izuddin. Then had breakfast, Daniel still couldn’t walk straight since yesterday, and later gather around with the gang, and off to the Beach again. This time with full charged battery!

[ Jacky and his partner, happy to promote Club Med ]

At the beach, we couldn’t do much since there is no wind, we can’t do another round of sailing. Dang, but we did some cam whoring though 😛

[ Who says we can’t sail? I just sailed on land:P ]

The weather was hot and there was nice sea breeze. It’s a good day for Cards? We had a game of Big 2, even Nicky was puzzled when he arrived to found that we came all the way here for a game of Big 2.

[ Brian trying to contain his saliva, he got horny all of a sudden? ]

[ Cheong is having a relaxing hour ]

[ The Gay partners ]

[ Duo, we are the CAR Developers! ]

That’s all the things we did in the beach, not much of a accomplishment. Then off we back to the restaurant for lunch, and being a natural born kiasu buggers, we queued to be one of the earliest to be in for dining. Most importantly is the air conditioned room, and we really manage to get one:) What a spoil brat we are!

[ The two guys, naughty as usual ]

[ and all of a sudden, those two are brokebacks! ]

Then that’s all, we rested at the pool side till 2:00pm, and nope, this time no one jumps although it’s tempting due to hot weather. The coach bus arrived at 2:00pm, we on-board the buses and left the place.

[ How cool! We are treated like celebrities again 😛 ]

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