27th October 2007, the second day of year 2007 Away Day. It’s the Team Building day. Tiring from yesterday free flow drink mania, had to woke up by 7:00 am as the event starts at 8:15am. Look at the side of my bed, hmm… these two Getronics guys are still sleeping. Best that I leave them alone, left for breakfast, then for the Team Building Event.

Events! We’re separated to 16 groups, and I’m stuck with Group 6. It’s was good since I knew some of the guys in group 6 and this make things easier in a way. The game was reading so called riddles and play the game. The start of our event is a wet one.

There are eleven challenges that we have to face and complete it within 3 hours. Well… I forgotten some of the challenges name though, here’s the pic.

[ Kayaking ]

[ Trapeze ]

[ Archery ]

[ Wall Climbing ]

[ Little ducklings walk challenge? ]

[ Bungee Bounce ]

Well.. that’s it, didn’t took every pics of the challenge as battery ran low:P Anyhow, my Team done quite well I have to say, but not on the top 5… alright I admit it, we sucks!

After Team Building event, had lunch and loitering around, went for swimming, archery, and sailing… no pics as battery dead! Well, the whole Cherating… of all the things we do, it seems that Sailing is the most enjoyable of all. It just makes you feel like Jack Sparrow 🙂

That’s it, then it’s off dinner. Some of the candid taken… first of all the picture quality is definitely low from this point as “bad lightings = not good picture quality”! I really need to get a better camera.

[ Wong and his partner ]

[ Jonas and his partner ]

[ Me and Anthony (and no, he’s not my “that kind of” partner) ]

[ May, Daniel, Immie, and Cindy ]

Err… don’t ask me, I can’t tell whether Immie is drunk or otherwise… and then off for the D’Aloha Night Show. Enjoyable show, too bad no good pictures taken. Obviously after the show is… DRINK! The guys… they try to drunk the ladies but in the end they got themselves drunk! :S

[ We PARTAY! ]

[ The ladies of Uniquest Tools Team ]

[ Immie, Club Med Staff, May, Cindy, Daniel, and Nicky ]

It was fun, and since we kinda tease Daniel to jump into the pool since he did it yesterday. Somehow we talk about jumping into the pool and drag Nicky (our boss) into the conversation as well. Daniel mentioned that if Nicky jumps into the pool then he would jump. Alright, then I put in a challenge…

[ The group is talking crap ]

Me : If I manage to get Nicky jump, as in push him into the pool or whatsoever, you jump?
Daniel : Yes, I dare you…
Me : Ok, I’ll do it
The DRA Team : It’ll affect your GPA
Me: Whatever…

Sounded excited (for someone who loved being challenged), I walk out of the group (the rest as well) and look for Nicky at the dance floor. We manage to find Nicky and I told Nicky whether he would wanna jump into the pool or not. Told him that if he jump, I’ll jump too and Daniel will jump with him. To my amazement, Nicky is a sport! He said sure, let’s do it. Now that’s what I called “More Than Meets The Eye”. Removing our belongings and pass it to Cindy, we jumped! Splash! It’s a show stopper! and out of no where 4 lifeguards came out and stopped both Anthony and Yew Kit from jumping (when they were prepared to). I’m all wet, but fun as you don’t get to do this everyday 🙂 We went back for change of clothes and back to the group and have more drink! Too bad, lifeguards came out, else things would have gotten more interesting.

[ The surviving group for the day ]

One by one, they got themselves caught by the Sandman’s spell. The true surviving ones are Me, Anthony, Yew Kit, Chor Teck, Brian, Kevin and Lim. The night/morning ended when both Anthony and Yew Kit are in uncontrollable state when they challenge one another taking their pants off :S Brian suggested that we better get out before we get into troubles and yes, I have to agree with him. The night was AWESOME!!!

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