Just came back from Club Med, Cherating and decided to blog about my Team Building Trip. It’s a three day trip and thus I shall now start with the first day entry while I still have the stamina to keep myself awake 🙂

The trip starts from Shell IT International (SITI) Cyberjaya at 8:15am where we all gather to hitch a ride on a coach bus. As usual, Malaysian cultured timing, we left at 9:00am (which 1/2 hour later from the scheduled time). From Cyberjaya to Gambang (Rest Stop) took about 3 and 1/2 hours and from Gambang to Club Med took almost 2 hours.

It was kind of cool, From the time we arrive we are greeted like celebrities for no particular reasons. Hmm… Though I kinda like it but it makes me feel awkward. Everyone gathered (only those who took the buses) at the theatre to receive our briefing on our rooms and such. We were greeted and briefed by a bunch of Mat Salleh. Was kind of a surprise to me that these Mat Salleh are the one that run the place.

[The Club Med’s Staff]

Alright, after all the briefing and etc… we check in to our rooms and it seems to me that I was the first to check in before my two other roommates. My roommates are not from SITI, but from Getronics. Both are managers/supervisors, one chinese and the other is a Mat Salleh. Right… I was wondering why such arrangement as made and I ended up sleeping with the vendors.

Oh yeah, the Itinerary was
1900 Dinner
2100 Performance By Club Med – Theme “Jungle”

Since we arrived the place after the long tiring ride and the next event is still couple of hours to go, we gathered (Me, Anthony, Yew Kit, Brian, and Kevin) to explore and take pictures around the area. The peacock gets a rough 10 minutes fame as everyone want to take picture of, and with it. Man, we’re bunch of Jargons.

[Yew Kit, Brian and Me]

We left the peacock for the Archery Range, since it’s closed and we went to the beach instead. We did some cam whore attempt but we ended up looking like some kampung boys.

[Yew Kit, Anthony, and Me]

[Anthony and the coconut tree, he believes the coconut thing is cool]

We are done with the beach and head for the Bar… yeah, after 5pm alcohol is served! Being bunch of Kiasu guys, we are one of the first there 😛

[Happy clubbers… Anthony and Cheong]

and after two round of drink, we head for the Archery range… again. Wow, look at Kevin! looks like a pro in action, but that shot is off target… really. We don’t have much time to play with bows and arrows since it’s closure time. We ended up with playing football nearby with a group of Indian guys from scripting. Then later, dinner time and it’s dinner time!

We (Me, Anthony, and Yew Kit), tumpang these three ladies table since we are late comers 😛

[Immie, Cindy, and May]

Yew Kit challenges everyone to bottom ups and all he does is sipping his drink. *sigh* Well it was only for that time, and Anthony is already drunk. Watched the jungle show at 2100 hours, not very special yet enjoyable. The show ends approximately 2230 hours and yeah, we continue to enjoy the free flow alcoholic drinks. Nothing usual, some got drunk, some went back to their rooms and hang around talking crap.

[The last of the group to survive the day]

What’s interesting is that those bunch of Indian guys from scripting I played football with in the same day… they jumped into the pool at 2am, and my Supervisor, Daniel jump in with them as well. Though it’s tempting but I didn’t manage to jump due to lack of spare clothes to waste on these events. And that’s the end of the day, two of my roommates was in the room snoozing and I had not yet say ‘Hi’ to them:P

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