12 December 2010 – Today I participated in the Zoo Photography Outing organized by Sony Malaysia and Studio Zaloon. The last Zoo Outing I join was the Melaka Zoo Challenge and got home empty handed. This year however, I won something 🙂 A consolation prize together with 9 other participant, of course the better ones got on the top three which isn’t me.

The event starts at 10:30am which begins with the registration, however everything didn’t go on smoothly as the briefing starts about 11:30am. Our shooting begins at 12:00pm and end at 14:30pm. Unsure of what to shoot, I along with CJ and Kenneth went to look for some cats to shoot. I spend quite a lot of time shooting these cats and took quite an amount of pictures to get this Lion shot right.

My consolation prize shot

Thanks to the Sigma 170-500 APO lens that i borrowed from CJ… It’s very heavy lens! I manage to get an up close shot and won myself a consolation prize Sony LCSWR1AM/B Wrapping Cloth. Both CJ and Kenneth won the same prize as well. I’m very happy as this is the first time I won something from Photography 😀

One thing I learn from this outing, you don’t need to have a long telephoto zoom lens to get a winning shot. Some of the guys who participated in this outing was able to capture stunning shots with just an ordinary kit lens!