22nd December 2008 – It’s a day trip with my brothers, and of course with my big bro’s wife and his two kids. It’s been quite a while we went out together in the same car to a place visit other than dining.

The journey starts at approximately 9:30am and we arrived in an approximate of an hour time. There we went straight direct to the ticketing counter for indoor and outdoor rides. The rides if we’re to purchase online, it’s much cheaper than purchase on the venue itself. I didn’t get myself a ticket for any of those rides as I had my Alpha 300 with me.

The whole purpose I joined this trip was to try out my new lens The Konica Minolta 28-75mm f2.8 (KMf28), which is a used lens. I got this lens via eBay and it’s my second KMf28. I sold off my first KM lens to a very nice buyer, and kept this second lens with me. This second lens has a flaw on the front optical element. It has scratches! However it’s still sharp and doesn’t affect the image output. The first KMf28 I had was soft but can be calibrated for sharpness by sending to Sony, and since I do not want to go through the trouble, I sell it off at a low price. I make no profit, but at a loss out of it.

Alright, back to the trip topic. We head to McDonalds for our lunch first before starting to have fun with rides and misc. It was damn expensive! Pardon me for being naive, it’s been years since I last visited Genting Highlands. After the light lunch at McDonalds, we head our own separate ways to enjoy ourselves. Some of the pics taken from both indoor and outdoor at Genting Highlands.

75mm f/4.0 1/160sec at ISO 400
[ Joaquin and his water bottle ]

28mm f/5.6 1/250sec at ISO 400
[ heads for sale ]

40mm f/4.0 1/1000sec at ISO 200
[ colorful ]

28mm f/2.8 1/25sec at ISO 400
[ f/2.8 is sharp at wide open ]

40mm f/4.0 1/20sec at ISO 400
[ old bears since many years ago ]

28mm f/4.0 1/1000sec at ISO 400
[ sidewalk ]

28mm f/4.0 1/10sec at ISO 400
[ acceptable sharpness at f/4.0 for group photo ]

75mm f/8.0 1/1000sec at ISO 400
[ cars on cables ]

28mm f/2.8 1/10sec at ISO 400
[ golden bridge… right… ]

75mm f/4.0 1/50sec at ISO 400
[ Mongolian performer #1 ]

75mm f/4.0 1/50sec at ISO 400
[ Mongolian performer #2 ]

55mm f/2.8 1/8sec at ISO 400
[ beware of step ]

50mm f5.0 1/40sec at ISO 800
[ I like the color reproduction of this lens ]

75mm f/3.5 1/250sec at ISO 400
[ holding the sacred orb? ]

35mm f/3.5 1/15sec at ISO 400
[ some panning shots, quite busy bokeh ]

50mm f/4.0 1/80sec at ISO 400
[ colors for portraits is great ]

70mm f/2.8 1/20sec at ISO 400
[ young gamer ]

That’s all for my Genting Highlands visit. I pity both of my younger brother whom bought tickets for outdoor park, and for that 3 hours spent, they only manage 2 rides. Each rides was for an average of 90 seconds. What a rip off. Next is a short stop at Chin Siew Temple, correct me if I am wrong, I believe that’s the name of the place.

28mm f/5.0 1/800sec at ISO 400
[ Fook, Look, and Sau ]

28mm f/5.0 1/800sec at ISO 400
[ Seven Sisters ]

60mm f/5.0 1/320sec at ISO 200
[ Giant Buddha ]

50mm f/5.0 1/500sec at ISO 200
[ statue of Datuk Lim ]

28mm f/5.0 1/1000sec at ISO 200
[ the Pagoda ]

In a nutshell, I love this Konica Minolta 28-75mm f2.8. The drawback of this lens was not wide enough. I still prefer a travel lens for travel since it has all the range that I need without the need of changing lens when required. However, I will use this lens for event, streets, and certain occasion but not for travel.

There’s more picture taken from this outing, can be viewed via My Picasa Web Album.