My name is Benjamin Beck and I’m just another person who likes Software Engineering and Tech related stuff. I first started this blog without any reason but to rant about daily routines and happenings around me which are non-programming related.

From the first few article post, it’s easy to tell how geek I am. I liked programming, collecting collectible items such as models, computer games, sports, and etc. However, most of that interest has changed later on in late 2008.

Blogging about random uninteresting stuffs, indirectly serves as a diary had soon led me to photography. I first hold my Ixus 960 was back in April 2008, and that starts to spark the interest to take snapshots of my daily life. Not contended with what I have, couple of months later I started to own a Sony Alpha D-SLR. That marks the day I start venturing into photography as a hobbyist.

Photography is a new journey to me during that time, a path with never ending growth and learning. A learning curve that is steep for me but nevertheless the challenge is to improve myself by experimenting with different styles whenever there is opportunity to learn.

Hope you enjoy being here and thank you for reading.