8th October 2013 – Went for a quick hike to the Summit of Rangitoto Island with my younger brother, we took a morning bus from North Cote to Quay Street took about 15 minutes to arrived. To reach Rangitoto Island from Auckland City, we need to take a ferry via Fullers at Quay Street which cost us NZD 20 per person. The ferrying times are limited so going early is advisable. I took the earliest ferry possible that is 9:30 in the morning.


The weather is cold but sunny. No rain to be expected during the period of climbing based on New Zealand’s Met Service which I rely on for my outing in NZ.

The Ferry

View of Auckland City from the ferry

Upgrading work in Rangitoto Island Pier

There is preservation work going on within the island by the authority. Apparently the Kiwi’s have been trying really hard to get rid of pest like Rats off the island as Rats are foreign being to the island itself. Before you can step into the island, each individual need to check their shoes for foreign items before leaving the vessel. The guys really did a good job in preserving the island, it was pristine and very much true to nature itself and the ferry ride as pretty comfortable.

Upgrading work in Rangitoto Island Pier

If you’re not up to the climb but wanted a tour on the volcanic island, you can opt for this ride around the island at a fee.

Touring vehicle

Midway up to the summit of Rangitoto Island

15 more minutes before reaching the summit

The volcano crater

My brother at the back with his jacket on, this proves that the weather is chilling and I hardly even sweat from the climb.

2 more minutes from the crater rim

Finally reached the summit and the view was great. We can see the whole Auckland City from here. It was very windy and attempt to take a stable shot is pretty difficult for pano.

View from the summit

Outpost on the summit

And there we go back down to the wharf to catch the 12:30 noon ferry as the last ferry is at 3:30 evening. There is no food to be sold in the island and I have no plans to stay hunger till then 😀

Going back to the wharf

Beautiful trail to walk on

Pretty disturbing name for the groove, especially for the Chinese

Rocky pool of water

Dark rocks by the wharf

Apparently Rangitoto Island is meant to be a place for convicts back then

Feeling the calmness and relax life of a Kiwi

If you have climb Broga Hill, Semenyih, Kuala Lumpur… I would say this climb is a whole lot enjoyable (due to the scenery), and much easier too! There are more places to check out other than the summit, such as Lava caves and etc. which I didn’t manage to do.

The other island, Motutapu Island… which I didn’t have time to explore the neighboring island as well. My knee wasn’t in good condition to make long walk and just enough for this climb 🙁

Last but not least, there must be some Panorama!

Panorama #1

Panorama #2

And here’s for the McDonald’s fan, saw this when returning back to the city.

McDonald Speedboat!