31st October 2010 – I had a photo outing today with Ernest and Lord Twiggie. Since we are shooting at the night market, the best lens for the job in my bag would be the Minolta 50mm f/1.7. I’ve restricted myself in using the 50mm throughout the whole shoot and without the aid of flash.

My favorite shot of the day

What do you expect in a typical Malaysian night market? People of course! The whole series of this photo blog contain mostly people.

Ang Moh lady

Satay seller

A failed shot, she smiled as she expected to be photographed.

Color contrast

Given the chance, I would want a Wide Angle for this shot

Dai Gao Min / Ma-Chang Koay maker

Playing with her mobile phone while on the job

Very busy uncle making Popiah

Mother and Son outing

Father and Son outing

Who says 50mm is only for close up shots?

After using the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime lens for many shooting occasions, I really appreciate the range, the f-stop, and the low price of the lens that offers. It’s true that 50mm prime lens is a great and affordable lens to have for all DSLR owners. Some photographers would say 50mm is only meant for Full Frame cameras, however I do not concur with this statement. How you utilize the range is up to your own creativity. These pictures are fresh from camera with minor color adjustment.