19th March 2011 – Had my first hot air balloon visit at night and the experience was just okay. The place is packed with people, too crowded and quite limiting for photo takings. It’s either I am unlucky or probably I am not good in finding a good spot in such an event.

In preparation to fly

Lift off!

Another balloon that glows better at night

These are the balloons that the organizer prepared for public flying which subject to time, weather, and ticket availability. Tickets cost RM 5 for children, and RM 10 for adult. Duration of flight? Probably around 5-10 minutes. I never had a chance to fly but if I were to do that, I would prefer day hour rather than night hour to fly.

More balloons!

Parents brought their kids here to participate in the event.


That must be an ‘Awesome’ view from up there!

Initially I thought of having day time photo session at the event but due to plan change, I join few other guys to participate the night event instead. Fireworks was the reason everyone came all the way to Putrajaya, and I was quite disappointed that the fireworks only lasted only few minutes.

If you had missed the event, don’t fret about it as this is an annual event and it normally occurs during this time of the year. Better if you bookmarked My Balloon Fiesta webpage for any new updates. Here’s a short video of the night glow event if you missed it.