Photography in Lake Garden

I am truly crazy about photography nowadays. I never expect it to be a new found hobby at first, however it’s quite addictive. Besides the addiction, it is the one thing which keeps me from confining in my own space, my own world, which is full of troubles, disturbances, worries, you name it… at times it’s not easy to think positive at all, hence I need a way to keep myself busy from thinking of the negative side. This addiction, remedies my troubles.

Now armed with a D-SLR, a weapon which gives me the ability to capture that one moment in life. It feels so good when you capture a crisp image as a memory, especially when it comes to people, the smile and laughter of the people you know, it just makes you feel good. Anyhow, todays photography outing was more on tourist attractions or another street photography.

My destination today is Lake Garden and my partner in shooting is Andrew. It has been quite sometime I been to Lake Garden, the last I remember is that I jogged with my mom and big bro from Brickfields to Lake Garden early in the morning during my primary school days. Those were the days when there is less vehicle, less pollutions, more greens, etc. We left at 3:30pm from Kepong and to my surprise, Lake Garden is actually huge. I think I made an early turn which miss the targeted park whereby it shouldn’t be far from Tugu Negara. Instead, I made our first stop at Tunku Abdul Razak Memorial. There’s nothing much here of interest.

[ Tunku Abdul Razak Memorial ]

After some short photo shooting, we make a short drive to National Mosque. We spend quite an amount of time there and I mainly took some photo with Brackets setting to collect samples for HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image). It’s the first time ever, I try to think creatively as possible to make sure the shots I took can be of interest. Never did my mind cross before when I use a compact camera back in the previous time. I guess that’s one of the reason which separates professionals and amateurs. However this round of time, it’s Andrew’s turn to do a short pose. If he looks like Ah Beng… then it’s not my fault :P

[ small water fountain which is off-line ]

[ staircase seems to be a best place for portraits ]

After a long shooting in the area, we drove to Dataran Merdeka and to take some shots of the Malaysian Flag. There’s even a fountain with weird statues, can’t tell if it’s a dog or something; it’s my first time seeing this.

[ flying high! Malaysia Boleh! ]

[ fountain with weird statues ]

[ along the Court House ]

[ opposite Dataran Merdeka ]

[ shot using Auto Focus Continuous ]

That’s all for my trip to Lake Garden and Dataran Merdeka… there’s still place to explore there but that would be enough for the time being, my target for the day is to collect some bracket shot images to generate HDR Images. Here it is!

[ HDR Image 1 ]

[ HDR Image 2 ]

[ HDR Image 3 ]

[ HDR Image 4 ]

[ HDR Image 5 ]

[ HDR Image 6 ]

[ HDR Image 7 ]

Check out Andrew’s blog here.


  1. yewkit yewkit
    June 1, 2008    

    ben … nice shots …

    i like the ones with building structures in front and the sky in the background the most (HDR images) !!!

  2. Tyler Tyler
    June 1, 2008    

    You got some nice shots there, however you shouldn’t HDR everything though, not everything looks great when HDR-ed heh, just a word of advice. HDR should bring out all the ranges in the photo, or at least as much as possible, yours ended up a bit too dark and dull, but don’t worry, mine aren’t perfect either haha, process of learning. Take a look on my deviantart favorite gallery, there are some stunning works of HDR there =) Also try not to have objects that move in your HDR’s too, like people, cars, animals, etc.

    Not to sound like a know it all but I think you should do some post-processing with your photos, like some shots are too dull and some of the HDR photos have really bright spots which you could correct with the Burn tool in Photoshop.

    Sorry if I sound a bit presumptuous, just my two cents =)

  3. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    June 1, 2008    

    Yew Kit, thanks for the comment… at least some artistic comment even if you don’t know any would be good :)

    Tyler, I agree that I shouldn’t HDR everything… but it’s kinda fun to see weird colors though. Haha, I did saw some of your stunning HDR effects. As you mentioned, in a learning process; hehe, not good in photoshop as I am doing everything using GIMP. Probably would be better if I let my little bro do this graphical work or wonders using photoshop as he’s the expert in the graphical field :P Thanks for the good feedback.

  4. Tyler Tyler
    June 1, 2008    

    Haha doesn’t require a whole lot of Photoshop skill to edit! =) Trust me on this when I tell you I’m as bad at Photoshop as you hehe =P

    Usuaully what I do is I just mess with the Levels, Desaturate and Black and White, hehe, now the secret is out!! =D

  5. Gazard Gazard
    June 7, 2008    

    For HDR you can try Photomatix instead of Photoshop, it give better result. However, my source photos taken with compact camera is crappy, can’t generate a good HDR photo though.

  6. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    June 8, 2008    

    I am using Photomatix, just that the samples collected aren’t good enough. Hehe…

  7. albert albert
    June 8, 2008    

    Wow, clean panning shot! I like it how it blurs out the arrow nicely.

  8. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    June 10, 2008    

    Thanks albert! Hehe, didn’t expect you to drop by though, it was part of review on Sony Alpha that indirectly poison me to be part of orange legion :P

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