Photo Blog : Water Rafting @ Kuala Kubu Bahru

I’ve previously blog about my experience of White Water Rafting at Kuala Kubu Bahru, but without any pic posting. Now that I have the pictures and here some of them, enjoy! ( *Note : I’ll just tag with minor description since I post about them before. )

[ Arrive at the Rafting site, that’s Lokman’s Car ]

[ Gears #1 ]

[ Gears #2 ]

[ Gears #3 ]

[ Start off with a game of Left and Right ]

[ Pose with our Indemnity Form ]
[ My life is so cheap! Worth only RM 100,000 ]

[ Briefing by Pie, the left most gray haired guy ]

[ Further briefing on our Gears & Rafting commands ]

[ After briefing, we march to the river ]

[ Our rafting starts with a simple one ]

[ There’s a tough rapid ahead of this ]

[ If you aren’t careful enough, you ended up requiring rescue ]

[ Further we tackle the rapid via reversal ]

[ Steady… ]

[ Steady! ]

[ Phew~! ]

[ Another group trying to charge head-on approach ]

[ Steadying… ]

[ Oops! and they cap-sized ]

[ It wasn’t smooth all the time, problems like this occurs ]

[ We reach at a small waterfall, our rest stop (I think it’s man-made) ]

[ The water… is seriously cold ]

[ Still at the waterfall ]

[ Continue our rafting after a short rest ]

[ It’s tough rafting, but we had fun ]

[ Sometimes rafting feels like a bumper car.. BUMP! ]

[ I wonder why we have the tendency of rafting backwards… ]

After several small rapids, we had done body rafting and had our lunch… that’s it for now. Click here to read my previous post about my rafting experience.

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  1. pam pam
    December 9, 2008    

    it got me wonder – how on earth did you manage to get those rafting photos???

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