Long Hiatus! The Alpha 580 is as good as new

It has been quite sometime since the last I posted on my blog. I hope that I would be able to continue write about the places I visited, random rants and my photography experience. However, if I were to blog about programming and coding, there is definitely a lot to write as I learn a lot these recent years. Perhaps I should start a blogging about it? Maybe but it could be boring… anyways just a short post to bring my blog back from the dead.

First post of the year! Couple of months back, the Sony Alpha 580 has been giving me issues on the shutter button. Whenever the shutter is click, it turn the unit off and it turn back on after the shutter is released. It has been an annoyance when I was on my trip at Taiwan last year, and I missed lots of potential good shots due to this. I thought I could live with this annoyance but in actual fact I couldn’t, so I had no choice but to pay Sony Service Center a visit.

Top Block replacement of the Sony Alpha 580

The picture above is what that has been replaced by Sony Malaysia engineer, just a single faulty shutter button requires a change of whole top block. This contribute a total damage of RM 420 inclusive of labor. Pretty wasteful isn’t it? I’m keeping the old parts just in case I can salvage it for future fixes, which I hope to avoid.

One notable experience on this visit is the engineer didn’t help me clean the dust in my viewfinder for the first two attempt sending in. Yes, I have rejected the fix after testing it two times due to viewfinder in dust (it was part of the service job description). The Customer Service did promise me that the quote is inclusive of cleaning. After the second reject, the engineer only started to quote me on the cleaning, in which replacing the Penta-Mirror for additional RM 400. Dafuq!? Seriously not happy to hear this kind of respond. Pretty ridiculous I would say for a small spec of dust to be cleansed off at such price, thus I did not opt for the cleaning and just live with it.

I own the Sony Alpha 300 once, in which the engineer 4 years back did help me clean the view finder without needing to replace it. I guess engineer nowadays are lazy bunch of people looking for easy way out. Hello Sony Malaysia! I’m pretty disappointed with this!

Anyways, the change of the new top block does brings new life on to the Sony Alpha 580. At least it doesn’t shut itself down now, and I hope this unit will last me for many years to come. The new SLT Alpha 58 seems to be tempting, but budget decides that a fix on this current unit I have would be sufficient. Well, at least just in time for tomorrow’s Sony Alpha Convention 2013! Part of the new years resolution, I need to take more photos… probably as often as I code. I hope!

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