I’m now MCPD!

Yay! As titled, I am now MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) in Web Technology. Just when I thought that MCPD / MCITP is the highest certification, Microsoft came out with a new certification which is called MCA (Microsoft Certified Architect). Darn Microsoft, they just won’t stop with releasing new Certification Programs.

Now I’m thinking of what would my next Certification be… should I be aiming for MCA? or Microsoft Sequal Server 2005 certification? or perhaps MCTS in Windows Client then MCPD in Windows Client? Hmm…


  1. Punk Punk
    February 13, 2008    

    I got 4 papers to go….
    And dumbass MS Exams are sometimes as crappy as their OS…one of the simulators failed to work fully..costing me one question gone just like that..but hell I passed all so far….4 to go….

  2. stalkie stalkie
    February 14, 2008    

    Where do you go for the training or the exam? Thinking of doing some professional papers myself too…

  3. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    February 14, 2008    

    Well, nothings perfect. As long pass, then it should be ok

    I don’t go for training, we do self study :)

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