I’m now MCP!

First CCNA, now MCP. Finally after couple of years being a Microsoft-based Platform Developer without any Microsoft Certification and only had CCNA with me, it’s plain weird for many. Anyhow, I just obtained MCP this morning at Iverson :)

It was never in my plan to take the MS:70-536 Certification on my day off, but due to influential factor, I registered for the examination just last week. Thanks to all the rants in Punk’s blog about being certified, and Microsoft’s Second Chance Certificate scheme, I decided to give it a go. “I got nothing to lose, since I can opt for a second chance”, I told myself…

But I was wrong, second chance? Hey! when was the last I failed my examination? That was back in the school days, I never failed any subject in since I was College… I’m on a roll! Thus I really took the initiative to study and this truly get me back on track to my former-self. I got back the urge of wanting to keep improving, and I resolve myself after taking the examination. The feel is like having a bug fixed in my biological system, probably the bug has been running in an infinite loop caught an exception error without having it fixed until now.

Man! I’m feeling excited, who wouldn’t be after passing an examination! Now, my next target would be MS:70-528 to obtain the title Technology Specialist in Web Application :D


  1. Punk Punk
    October 8, 2007    

    Mine’s starting on the 20th this month
    finishing somewhere by new year……all 7 exams….to be MCSE….
    Hope it all goes well….as I am gonna lack some serious sleep

  2. Gazard Gazard
    October 8, 2007    

    Congratulation man! Think I better find some stuffs to study, else my brain will start stoning. :P

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