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3rd November 2010 – Got myself a new camera today. Well, it’s not a huge upgrade but at least there is many improvement over the previous model I had. Here I present you the Sony Alpha 580 finally in my hands. The camera cost me at the street price of RM 2350 (with free Sony High Speed Memory Stick).

The Sony Alpha 580

What I like about the Sony Alpha 580 in comparison to the Sony Alpha 300 doesn’t have?

  • 16 Megapixel
  • 15 Auto Focus Point
  • ISO 25,600
  • Sweep Panorama / 3D Sweep Panorama
  • Full HD Movie recording
  • Accept both Memory Stick and SD Card

Of course there’s two main things which I like about Alpha 300 compare to the new Alpha 580. That is the weight of Alpha 300 which makes the grip/handling more balance than the Alpha 580; and the body build of the Alpha 300 seems tougher than the Alpha 580. The feel I had when holding the Alpha 580 in hand is like holding a Canon EOS 550D but with better grip. Nevertheless, I’m very excited with this purchase and probably would only write a short review if I had the time for it :)


  1. tenacioust tenacioust
    November 4, 2010    

    New toy! :)

  2. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    November 4, 2010    

    Yes! Although I wanted a A850 instead of A580. Haha.

  3. saimatkong saimatkong
    November 4, 2010    

    show more photo…

  4. Anonymous Anonymous
    November 4, 2010    

    Mine should be here Friday. I am really looking forward to it.

  5. jen ® jen ®
    November 5, 2010    

    you have an expensive hobby :)

  6. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    November 6, 2010    

    saimatkong: Soon…

    Anonymous: Hope you enjoy yours as well.

    Jen: Haha, it won't be expensive when the buying stops!

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