First in Sekinchan

25 September 2011 – It was my very first outing to Sekinchan Village which covers paddy field and fisherman village visit. The event was organized by Sony Malaysia and sponsored by Studio Zaloon (The one and only Sony Alpha Pro Shop in Malaysia). Jamal Jermi and Uncle Chin are the host for the event.

Sony Malaysia was generous to hired several model for the photography enthusiast pleasure to take photos with. We are not allow to instruct how the model should pose. Hence, it’s almost street like photography which I pretty much like the feel of it. However, I didn’t take much photos due to the bad weather. The only nice thing about it would be the mirror like water reflection which gives great photography perspective in play. Other than that, overcast sky pretty much ruin every single shot we take.

My Winning Photo

After several days from the date of photo submission, I never knew that I won the competition until Lloyd told me that I was announced the winner for this challenge in Alphanatics. I bagged myself 1st place winning photo which awarded me VF-55CPAM 55mm Sony Carl Zeiss Circular Polarizer Filter worth RM 380 and Kenneth manage to get 5th place which wins him a Sony Head Phone.

I’m very happy as this is the first time I got myself first place in photography shoot out, as well as my first visit to Sekinchan Village :)

Here are some of my other picks for the day.

Big Tree by Sekinchan Homestay

Two Village Girls


Stalker on Vespa


  1. Terence Beck Terence Beck
    October 4, 2011    

    First one captured the moment, good composition. I like the last photo too. Good job!

    • October 4, 2011    

      I like the bike more than all the photos. LOL :P

  2. November 15, 2011    

    All of the pictures are really great. The village girl picture is too good. It remind my village, where I used to play and spend time with my buddies. Good piece of work! Thanks :)

  3. Wei Haw Wei Haw
    December 11, 2012    

    Nice composition ! Love the reflection and tree… where is this Sekinchan homestay ? I know Sekinchan is kind of big and paddy field is every where… can you still remember where is this ?

    • December 11, 2012    

      Yo Thanks! Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember much on the name of the homestay. I believe it is somewhere along Jalan Parit 7, however I guarantee the accuracy of this :(

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