Disassembling Canon Digital Ixus 950IS

I never thought I would have another disassembling attempt on a camera gear after my very first disassembling work on the Nikon Lens Series E 50mm f/1.8. This round of time would be my very first compact camera, the Canon Ixus 950IS in which I had bought 3 years back. The camera was returned faulty by my brother, in which I gave it to him quite some time ago. From the outlook, the camera doesn’t seem to have any battle scar damage.

Canon Ixus 950IS

The camera was able to power on but for some unknown reason, the screen was blank regardless of the mode dial selection and the lens did not initiate the start up sequence. Hence the attempt to break it apart to find out the cause.

Empty Screen, sign of death.

Now the disassembling work starts. Bring in the tools! Here, I use only one cross type precision screw driver through out the tear down attempt. IMPORTANT: If you were to do this, do it at your own risk! Don’t blame me if something does not go well on your tear down.

First remove the battery and memory card for safety reasons.

On the outer layer, there is total of 4 screw needs to be removed. 2 on the left side, and 2 on the bottom near the tripod mount. Once the 4 screw has been remove, before the front cover can be remove, 1 last screw need to be undone which is hidden in the A/V Out Digital compartment. Open the compartment to reveal the hidden screw just above of the mini USB port.

The hidden screw sit just above the mini USB port.

Once the hidden screw is undone, gently remove the front cover starting from side where the flash is located.

With the front cover removed

If you were to disassemble the camera to replace the system battery for resolving the date time reset issue, then you are basically done here. The system battery can be replace directly on the bottom left of the camera (from the front)

The system battery

Removing the rear cover is much easier than removing the front cover. Before you could do that, there is one screw that is revealed once you remove the front cover. That another hidden screw is located at the lanyard area. Once that is removed, gently remove the rear cover.

Rear cover hidden screw

After rear cover is removed

That’s about it. I couldn’t proceed any further in removal of LCD screen even though I want it because the screw is rusted and can’t be screwed. To put it back together, do the reverse of the process above. I believe the cause of this symptom of unable to start is due to drop in water? I guess this camera is as good as dead, can’t be use anymore but an ornament in the house :(


  1. May 8, 2011    

    Makes a pretty good paper weight. :)

  2. May 8, 2011    

    Hmm, it still have some use.

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