Dance Charity Concert 2009 @ MaTiC

About a month ago, I was invited by Andrew to join him for a children dance concert shoot. Little did I know, it turn out to be a huge production. It was conveyed to me that the dance concert is going to be the parents coming by to watch their children performed. We were wrong and surprised by the event simplicity yet professionally organized.

[ the main hall in Malaysia Tourism Center ]

There are a number of professional photographer present as well whom lend their hand to capture memories of the events. I was pretty much worried that I might be an obstacle to the pros but in the end I enjoyed myself. It pains me that I didn’t have the proper equipment and my best low lighting lens (the Konica Minolta 28-75 f/2.8) gave AF focus hunting when zoomed out to 60mm and above. Tsk tsk tsk… my bad. Yet, I’m quite happy that I managed to capture some sharp shots with manual focusing.

Without much prior experience in Dance Concert Photography, here are some of my favorites; and yes, they coincidentally have a column of Belly Dancers with Traffic Light colors!


  1. Jarrett Jarrett
    February 13, 2010    

    Cute pictures. It was really wonderful to see all these kids dancing. Children must be trained at a very young age itself as to how to dance, etc. This will make them very great dancers professionally & they will be skilled in the form of dance they are interested in.

  2. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    February 13, 2010    

    Yes, to the audience it's pleasant to watch. As for the parents, I believe it would be rewarding.

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