Crab Island

16th October 2010 – Made my very first visit to Scab Island… I mean Crab Island (also known as Pulau Ketam in Malay). The Island is located in Selangor and accessible via Ferry services at Port Klang. Woke up pretty early, about 5:30am to meet up with the rest of the group and started our KTM ride from Sentul Station. The Fare from Sentul to Port Klang is approximately RM 4.80 per way, and the journey took about an hour to arrive.

Our ferry by the pier

Arriving at Port Klang, we had a quick breakfast and went to make our ticket purchase for the ferry. The ferry ticket with return cost RM 14 (RM 7 per direction). The pier is just beside the Port Klang KTM Station, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Kevin was checking out the Ferry while the rest of us snapping away randomly around the area, we boarded the ferry once the ferry is near full.

Village at Crab Island

Arrived at Crab Island for the first time gives the impression of a typical fisherman’s village. Apart from taking the ferry, we can actually opt to rent a boat/speedboat in the case we did not want to follow the scheduled ferry time. First we meet the local marketplace, it’s a very small market align in a road.

Fish Skinning

Motorized Cart?

This is one of the few things that runs on motor. It’s pretty creative, all he has to do is accelerate and he just steer while the cart moves. You don’t see this at all in KL! There’s no sign of motorcycle in the vicinity; everyone is on bicycle, which is their primary mode of transportation within the island. Pretty green, eh?

Fruit Seller via the Minolta 50mm f1.7

The villages past time activity

Common fisherman’s home backyard

TM Net is here

No surprise, TM Net is here as well. Wifi services are spotted available at Hotels only from my observation. Despite lacking in computer technology (no shop sighted), I believe the youngsters here do keep up with the Internet?

Human doormat?

The people here were too carefree, up to the level that they can just sleep on their home doorstep!

Well maintained. Looks like newly painted.

That’s a huge bird feeding dish on the right!

Don’t play play. Even it’s just a fisherman’s village, most of the houses here has this Satellite dish look a like! I wonder if that’s their Satellite broadband or TV Channel? Only 2 or 3 houses spotted having Astro.

Slow shutter via Light Craft Workshop ND500

I ended my photo session with my newly acquired Light Craft Workshop ND500 screwed on the lens thread with camera mounted on a tripod. It’s probably the only shot on tripod, and boy oh boy the sun was very bright… thus, bringing a tripod is almost useless. Click here to view more of my crab island shots via Flickr.


  1. saimatkong saimatkong
    October 17, 2010    


  2. Gazard7 Gazard7
    October 18, 2010    

    You are into vintage photography nowadays? Nice!

  3. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    October 18, 2010    

    Haha, no particular reason. Just had the mood for it since it's kind of a vintage place.

  4. jen jen
    October 19, 2010    

    very nice pictures *thumbs up*
    2nd pic is my favorite :)

  5. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    October 19, 2010    

    Thanks Jen :)

  6. Yohan Yohan
    November 26, 2010    

    Hey dude,

    Nice Photos. specially the ones with the ND500. Where did you get the Light Craft Workshop ND500? (im in malaysia as well) and did you get a step up ring from 55mm to 77mm??

  7. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    November 26, 2010    

    Hi Yohan,

    Thanks for the comments:)

    I bought the LCW ND500 from ebay (Hong Kong seller) which is quite cheap. I think it's around USD 70+ with free shipping. With current conversion rate of MYR to USD being low, it's a good time to buy one. I didn't use a step up ring as I was using the Konica Minolta 17-35 all the while which is on 77mm filter thread size.

  8. Yohan Yohan
    November 26, 2010    

    Thanks for the tip dude. will check it out..


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