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Yellow Light of Death

Yellow Light of Death

Not long ago, my Sony PlayStation 3 was hit by symptom that is close to YLoD, in which a failure that is indicated by the console failing to start up, and displaying a yellow light. My unit had issue of auto shutdown after a couple of minutes usage or fail to boot up at all. […]

Disassembling Canon Digital Ixus 950I...

Disassembling Canon Digital Ixus 950IS

I never thought I would have another disassembling attempt on a camera gear after my very first disassembling work on the Nikon Lens Series E 50mm f/1.8. This round of time would be my very first compact camera, the Canon Ixus 950IS in which I had bought 3 years back. The camera was returned faulty […]

Disassembling Nikon Lens Series E 50m...

Disassembling Nikon Lens Series E 50mm f1.8

I got a little bored today and took out the Nikon 50mm lens given to me by dad couple of months ago. There’s fungus in the lens and I wasn’t bothered to send it for service as I do not have a Nikon Series E camera to use it with. Well, I got bored and […]