Aye City

25th September 2010 – I had made my second attempt to visit I-City located in Shah Alam. The first attempt was unsuccessful with my colleague due to heavy down pour, and the second attempt was with school friends Big Head and Lord Twiggie; had a little lucky as the down pour stops when we reach the place.


It seems the rumors are true that there is two entry point, one require you to pay RM10 for entrance and the other entrance require you to pay only RM5. My visit this round was to pay RM10 per vehicle.

Rows of fake trees

Many says it’s a nice place to take photographs but I don’t think that’s the case. The huge crowd makes photography much difficult as you aren’t worry about ISO noise but human noise instead! It’s not a place whereby you can hang around every month but perhaps once in a long while.

It ain’t autumn

There’s fake fireworks

Glowing forest

Muddy reflections

Colorful walk path

Sparkling Emerald Green

The bokeh of classic Minolta 17-35 f/2.8-4.0

Overall, I-City is worth a SINGLE visit for photography. To be frank, I got bored after 30 minutes of shooting and ran out of ideas. I did took some weird funny shots experimenting with slow shutter with flash. The results were quite nice though, didn’t post it up though as it’s a portrait picture of my friends. Try do a random panning and zooming, it’s fun experimenting :)


  1. jen ® jen ®
    October 4, 2010    

    love your photos.

  2. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    October 4, 2010    

    Thanks jen ®!

  3. eastenstar eastenstar
    October 16, 2010    

    hi bowdacious… its surprising to see your fine artistic work as i enter your page. i meant to ask you abt the nikon FM@ u posted for sale in lowyat.net but saw this instead. its great work. co contact me if the nikon FM2 is still available. i know i saw it very very late. : )
    thanks. yoonkim1722@gmail.com

  4. Bowdacious B Bowdacious B
    October 16, 2010    

    eastenstar: Thanks for the kind comments! I've replied you via my Facebook message.

  5. eastenstar eastenstar
    October 17, 2010    

    thanks a lot ben. i truly appreciate it. it looks like in good condition. hope your friend still has it. by the way keep on shooting i like your pics and sure will follow your work ben..

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